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Currently Booking New 2023 Pool Projects

Pool & Equipment

Shape Options

Traditional Sizes – 10X20, 12X24, 14X28, 15X30, 16X32, 18X36, 20X40

For us at Jameson we can make any size for the best Fit. Custom dimensions are no charge.

See the designs below to see what appeals to you and your space. Keep in mind we can design any shape you imagine. Shows us a picture or a sketch and we will Create it.

Depths & Dimensions

Choose your custom Dimensions

See the below suggested Slopes and Depths of Pools. Typical pool ratios are 25% of length in shallow end. The slope from shallow end to deep end should be close to a 3 to 1 ratio for safety. If you want a deep pool you need to choose a longer pool. Keep in mind, in-pool steps will take up space in the shallow end.

Step Options

Custom Concrete Steps

Custom Feature Concrete Steps, Benches And Sun ledges are the choice for the majority of pools. The Liner Wraps right over the feature giving the pool a uniform color and pattern. The liner is textured to give non slip qualities. AS indicated in the word custom we can make anything for any purpose of lounging in your pool.

Fibreglass Steps

Fibreglass steps are factory made in predetermined molds and sizes and colours. See pictures below for options. Note the colour of the step will usually not match the liner. Less expensive than custom concrete Steps.

Pool Equipment


New Inground Pool Experience Professional, performance, durability, efficiency, service = Peace of Mind


Our standard pool pump is the new improved Hayward Tristar single speed pump providing incredible energy savings of 30% from typical pumps. It delivers superior flow due to its energy efficient hydraulics, pumping 70 GPM with 60’ head. Quiet by design. “The perfect balance of performance and savings”.

2 Models of Variable-Speed Pumps

Tristar VS 950 (2.70 hp) or Tristar VS 900 (1.85 hp)
Variable-speed pool pumps are the ultimate upgrade to save energy and simplifies operation. These 2 models are ideal for pools with large water features or spas that need more flow. Offers multiple preprogrammed speeds.
* If VS pump purchased with pool you have extended warranty of 3 years.

Cartridge Filters

This pool filter ensures superior water clarity. It requires no backwashing like traditional sand filters. Available in Various Sizes C4030 series has a Large Capacity 4 cluster reusable elements for high debris pools. Usually cleaned only once a season.

* S200sc Single Element Filter- good for tight spaces and easy to clean.


The Hayward Universal H-series offers the very latest in heating technology. Reliable, long-lasting. They offer corrosion resistant Cupro Nickel heat exchanger, outstanding energy efficiency, electronic ignition, optional power vented low NOx available. Ideal for today’s salt water based pools.

Note: Heater Venting where the exhausting needed is extra
Jameson Pool Landscape will Quote and arrange your Gas & Electrical


What better way to truly enhance your night time pool life than with the installation of several underwater 1.5-inch low voltage LED multi -Colour lighting system. Pool lighting brings your pool and yard to life, creating a new backyard atmosphere after the sun goes down with 10 fixed colours and 7 colour changing light shows.

Small in size but big on Colour with no winterizing required.

Minimize Maintenance “Idiot Proof”

Automated Salt Chlorination

Say good bye to red eyes, itchy skin and heavy chemical odors. Turbo cell R is the simple, safe and affordable approach to sanitize pools. It Automatically turns small amounts of ordinary salt into a regenerating supply of fresh, pure chlorine, automatically. This chlorination method will make your water feel luxuriously soft and silky. Low salt models available also.

Pool Automation Management Systems

Making Pool ownership even easier and affordable with timer – controlled features for energy savings and simplicity. ProLogic R or OmniPL Available with optional wireless remote or smart phone compatible with APPs 250’ with Antenna RF.

Optional Upgrade OmniPL Internet based Touch screen Basic Panel, Remote Control as shown.

Optional Smart Water Care Chemical Automated Monitor System: LESS WORK pHinTM (Gives you peace of mind)

– Monitors your pool water continuously 24/7 Ph, Alkalinity & Calcium levels.
– Be Notified – pHin app alerts you when your pool water needs attention.
– You Add Chemicals – Take guess work out of pool chemicals. The pHin includes a 1 year monitoring fee & strips.

Hydrapure combination – All in one UV & Ozone

Ultra UV kills 99.9% micro-organisms
Single or double bulbs
Clear O3 Ozone – continuously “shocks” pool water to reduce buildup of oils/organic that can clog filter
Hydrapure – Coming soon
Combination UV & Ozone Water Sanitizer

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Suction cleaner powered by your existing pool filtration. It is designed to deliver a thorough and reliable pool cleaning. Easy to use and is silent running. Not recommended for heavy organic debris yards (pine needles) 4-wheel drive capability maintains maximum power up to a 20 x 40 sized pool.

* Aquanaut 400 R shown

Electronic Robotic Cleaner

This is the most advanced portable pool cleaner available. Runs independent of your pool filtration and scrubs sidewalls. Wash and rinse compartment as needed. (Caddy included) Recommended for heavy organic debris yards.

*Polaris P945 images shown; ** AquaVac 6 series AV600 or AV650 video shown.

In-floor Cleaning System

Paramount – Pool Life Simplified
In-floor pool cleaning system circulates water
Large Capacity Debris Canister

Liner Options

Vinyl Pool Liners

Our liners are manufactured in modern Canadian state of the art facilities. Vinyl liners are computer designed assuring a secure fit for today’s complex pool shapes. All liners are treated to resist bacteria, fungus growth and ultraviolet rays.

Pool Liners can also be colour coordinated with Acrylic In wall Steps. Available in grey, blue or white.

Texturized material called Tread -Tex is available on any concrete vinyl liner over step treads, in the matching floor patterns. Our liners are tailor-made for a custom fit.

Please visit our showroom to view samples of Vinyl Liner patterns and different colours …. range from Light to Dark. Liners are available with or without the border tile patterns.

*Some seams maybe visible

Light coloured liners have the print on white vinyl and makes the water look aqua blue during the day and maximizes pool light illumination at night.

Patterns printed on blue vinyl give a deeper, dramatic visual effect during the day, but reduces pool light illumination at night.

Here are a few popular patterns- Which colour and pattern do you prefer? More to choose from on display now in our showroom.

Deck Equipment

Deck Equipment – 3 step Stainless Steel Ladder

White Diving Board and base

Deck Jets – spray out from the patio

Turbo Slide

Standard Slide