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If you’re on the market for a hot tub, you’re in for a treat at Jameson Pool & Spa. We are proud to offer Marquis brand hot tubs in our hot tub store in Mississauga. So if you want to experience the best of hot tub technology, therapy and relaxation, you are in luck. Owning a Marquis is easy, and our highly trained staff are here to help show you just how easy it can be to sit back and relax into one of the best hot tubs on the market today!

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In addition to providing knowledgeable professionals who can help both install and maintain your hot tub, we can also help you personalize your tub with some personal accessories. Marquis offers a superb line of hot tub accessories called Environments which allow you to customize your hot tub with benches, storage areas, shelving, and seating areas to match your needs and preferences. These units are manufactured to match your hot tub or spa exactly with the same high quality materials used to build your hot tub.

Jameson Pool & Spa: top hot tub store in Mississauga

Each Marquis is built to perform beyond expectations. Beneath their panels, tireless pumps push massive amounts of water to engineered seating for optimal flow. From hydrotherapy to relaxation there is always a good reason town a hot tub. Our team at Jameson Pool & Spa would be more than happy to run you through the set-up process, as well as all the many possibilities and extras available, including Bluetooth connections and the highest quality speakers and dock options.


The Marquis Signature Series are touted by the industry as the most beautiful hot tubs in the market. The moment you first set your eyes on a Marquis you’ll be dazzled by the artistry with which it was sculpted – the sinuous, organic styling that threads throughout the body – the river rock footwell, hand-picked from an Oregon river – and the solid, exclusive DuraWood extruded from a hand-honed board. Marquis’ eye for detail knows no bounds. Nor does it cut corners when it comes to hydrotherapy innovation. Many Signature models are hydrotherapy rock stars! HOT ZONES (High Output Therapy jets), Spa Frog, Full Foam Isonene insulation, 2 lb foam cover, Ceramaglass Ozonator and 5 year warranty are all standard.

Discover the perfect Signature hot tub to enhance your lifestyle.


Marquis®’ new Vector21 hot tubs deliver a flow and force unlike any seen before in the galaxy of hot tubs: control and versatility unequaled in any other advanced system concept: individual command and control, yet perfectly designed for transporting a full vessel of hot tub experiences: a new vessel to transport body, mind and soul at 104°. VOLT jetting laminar flow system and similar features to e-Series plus optional Spa Frog inline chemicals and Microsilk on all models. Behold, Vector21!


Quality built and designed to perform, your Celebrity Hot Tub® will play a leading role in your life, encore after encore. Relax with the soothing sounds of a sparkling, backlit waterfall. Listen to your favorite tunes on the optional Motown™ audio system that’s Bluetooth enabled. Experience the awe of standard Theatre™ LED lighting as it turns your environment into a virtual underwater aurora borealis. Also featuring Thermo wrap insulation and 2 year warranty.

Seek out your inspiration for good, clean, American-made fun!

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