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Our stores and service department are OPEN.
Everyone is finding new ways to carry on. We are trying our best to adapt to regulations and maintain safety for all.
Stores are taking orders for curb side pickup and delivery. Water lab testing is available through a drop off system.
Both service bookings and product orders are available online 24/7 or phone in an order during business hours.

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New Pool Construction

Jameson Pool & Spa: new pool construction company in Mississauga

Jameson pools are built using the highest quality materials and techniques. If you’re finally ready to take the plunge both literally and figuratively, and invest in new pool construction in the Mississauga area, it’s always a good idea to get informed on your different options and find out what the possibilities are given your unique needs and budgetary restrictions. For example, while the shape of your pool does not generally affect the price, the size can affect the price by approximately $400 per foot.

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New Pool Construction in Mississauga: pool walls

Our galvanized pool walls are pre-shaped at the factory to allow for the flexibility of custom designs and ensure the most accurate pool shape possible—every time. Our pools are characterized by their ability to resist deformation when a load is applied by ground pressure, water pressure, or frost. The compression locking system is superior to the welded system as it does not destroy the integrity of the galvanized coating. Concrete decks are then poured on a gravel base and embed the top of the pool wall for increased support.

Mississauga new pool construction service: plumbing

Our pool lines are made of PVC and have a life expectancy of 100 years or more! They are encased in concrete footing and all lines are pressure tested. Most pool sizes are installed with one skimmer, a pool cleaner line, 4 returns and two bottom drains. Our pools are backfilled with clear gravel which allows ground water to flow into the dry well—also known as a sump well. A pump is used to remove water as needed. Pay us a visit or drop us a line today to get more info on our Mississauga new pool construction service today!

Visit the Best Pool and Landscape Showroom at our Mississauga location to plan your pool!
We are located at 2111 Dunwin Drive, Mississauga, ON L5L 3C1.