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Pool and Spa Covers

Winter covers & leaf nets: pool & spa liners installer in Mississauga

Our leaf nets help your pool cleanup in the fall. Placing a leaf net over your above ground or in ground pool or spa allows you to easily collect and dispose of fallen leaves without them getting into your pool. A leaf net is made from tough mesh material with specially warp-knitted black carbonized strands that are virtually indestructible, and can work in tandem with a winter cover to make your springtime pool opening as easy as possible. Easily extend it across any solar blanket or winter pool cover to prolong their life expectancy. This can be a great way to keep your pool cleaner, regardless of outdoor conditions.

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    Spa covers

    At Jameson Pool & Spa, your go-to spa covers installer in Mississauga, we can manufacture a custom replacement cover to fit your hot tub or spa’s shape, size, make or model. We are so very confident in the superior quality of our spa covers. From the durable 100% marine grade exterior vinyl material to the standard 6 mil vapour barrier for long lasting protection from water evaporation, our spa covers meet and exceed all standard requirements. Additionally, our spa covers are sure to stand up against our harsh Canadian winters!

    Pool covers: your pool & spa liners installer in Mississauga

    Each pool has its own personality, inspired by the dreams and desires of each customer, so swimming pool safety cover systems need to be equally innovative. Jameson Pool & Spa has been an industry pioneer, providing swimming pool safety covers of almost any size and shape. You need not look any further for a cover that will work with your pool. Let us show you how beautiful designs coupled with a little professional flare can make your vision a reality!

    Pool Covers – Order Now!

    We offer leaf nets, water bag, clip in and safety covers. Please contact the retail store for more information, but please hurry – time is running out!

    Leaf Nets

    Leaf nets are black netting that keeps leaves and debris off your winter cover, for easy clean up throughout the winter season.

    Example Pool Size Price of Cover
    18′ round $102.00
    16′ x 32′ rectangle $171.00
    18′ x 36′ rectangle $208.00

    Winter Covers

    Standard water bag style winter covers come with a 10 year warranty (Blue/black colour) – rectangular covers to be held in place by several water bags.

    Example Pool Size Cover Size Price of Cover
    14′ x 28′ 20′ x 34′ $176.00
    16′ x 32′ 22′ x 38′ $210.00
    18′ x 36′ 24′ x 42′ $250.00
    20′ x 40′ 26′ x 46′ $303.00

    Custom Clip-In Beaded Winter Covers

    Custom beaded covers attach to the coping around the pool and come with an 8 year warranty. Blue/black or blue/tan (depends on colour availability). Please note that there is a $100.00 measuring charge to ensure the cover is the best fit for your pool. (Approximate prices only, please call for a quote)

    Example Pool Size Price of Cover
    16′ x 32′ rectangle $571.00
    18′ x 36′ kidney $697.00
    20′ x 40′ lazy L $837.00

    Safety Covers

    Safety covers are a strong mesh cover that protects your family and pets throughout the winter season. They are most commonly sold in a 3x3 grid pattern and are available in blue, black, tan, gray or green. Please note that there is a $150.00 measuring charge that is deductible when you order your cover. Be sure to allow 2 to 3 weeks for manufacturing time.

    Example Pool Size

    Price of Cover

    – concrete deck (estimate)

    – installed plus HST –

    Price of Cover
    14′ x 28′ $2,545.00
    16′ x 32′ $2,956.00
    18′ x 36′ $3,263.00
    20′ x 40′ $3,670.00