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Liner Wrinkles Drain and Reset


– You can book a prepaid service call to diagnose the issue or we can take a look at pictures you provide to us of your pool.

– We may recommend a drain and reset. We will come to your location, drain your pool, go underneath the liner, search and patch holes and reset your liner. This is a 2 day process. Refilling the pool water is at the cost of the homeowner.

– Liners typically last 10-12 years. We do not recommend a drain and reset for liners over 6 years. Memory wrinkles cannot be fixed. Please call service for more details.

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1. Wrinkles occur in liners when the pool water is not properly balanced.
2. Your Sump well is not being properly maintained and has drained behind the liner.
3. There is a hole in your liner and pool water has seeped behind the liner.


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