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Pool and Spa Solar Blankets

Jameson Pool & Spa: your top quality pool solar blankets store in Mississauga

At Jameson Pool & Spa, our helpful team of experts is deeply committed to offering only the highest quality products for your home pools and spas. The HPI Clear Solar blanket increases the water temperature of your pool water by magnifying and radiating the sun’s rays into the water beneath. During the evenings when the temperature is cooler, it helps prevent the evaporation of water, and heat loss. Every product at our pool solar blankets store in Mississauga is designed to make your life easier!

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    Buy hot tub solar blankets in Mississauga at Jameson Pool & Spa

    Did you know that around 75% of a swimming pool’s heat loss is due to evaporation? A solar blanket minimizes the heat loss caused by evaporation, acting as a barrier between your hot tub or swimming pool water and the air. When you buy hot tub solar blankets in Mississauga, you are making the environmentally and financially friendly choice to reduce your hot tub or swimming pool heating costs. There are only good reasons to invest in a solar blanket for your pool or hot tub.

    Top quality pool & spa solar blankets make our customers very happy

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    Solar Blankets

    HPI Clear Solar blanket magnifies and radiates more of the sun’s rays into the pool water increasing the water temperature. Also in evenings when temperature is cooler the solar blanket helps prevent the evaporation of water and heat loss.