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Pool & landscape design in Mississauga: Jameson Pool & Spa

From a range of enticing pool patio options that create beautiful outdoor living spaces, to gorgeous retaining walls that add character and maximize space, to the addition of a gorgeous cabana on your property to up its retreat value even further, we at the Jameson pool & landscape design company in Mississauga are highly skilled and thoroughly experienced when it comes to creating the outdoor space of anyone’s dreams. It all starts with a rough plan!

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Mississauga pool & landscape design: at your service

The options truly are endless when it comes to picking and choosing the elements you’d like included in your personal outdoor haven. Natural rock waterfalls lend your pool the appearance and sounds of a natural body of water, while sheer descent waterfalls produce a smooth sheet waterfall for beautiful scenery, and simple deck jets add amusement and stimulation to your pool at a low cost. Simply share with our helpful staff what you’re envisioning, and we’ll assist you as best we can. Anything is possible with our Mississauga pool & landscape design service!

Jameson Pool & Spa: Pool & landscape design company Mississauga

When conceptualizing and planning your outdoor space, it can always help to bounce your ideas off a professional with years of experience giving pool lovers what they desire while respecting their budgets and timeframes. Besides, you may learn of options you didn’t even think you had. Ever considered a BBQ kitchen and fire pit, or colourful mood lighting that turns your pool and deck into a magical landscape? Come on down to Jameson pool & landscape design in Mississauga today to get started!

Patio Options

Stamped concrete or interlocking bricks? Your choice… Patios increase the usability and functionality of your yard, creating an outdoor living space. Patio size and stone type will affect the project cost.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls add definition and beautry. They are used to bring various grades together transforming former unusable slopes into living spaces. Retaining walls are also used to tier smaller grade differences to add interest and character.


Add functionality and charm to your retreat with a gorgeous cabana.

Water Features

Natural rock waterfalls give your pool the appearance of a natural body of water found in nature, coupled with the relaxing sounds of running water. Available in various sizes and configurations.

Sheer Descent waterfalls generate a smooth sheet waterfall creating beautiful scenery with the soothing sounds of running water. Available in various sizes and configurations.

Deck Jets add pleasure and amusement to your pool at low costs.

BBQ Kitchens & Fire Pits

Outdoor cooking. Nothing better. 


Light up your deck, patio and water!

Warranty Overview Guide

Download this handy guide on Warranty Coverage.

Inground Spas

Inground Spas, like Independent spas, can be installed flush to, or raised from the deck. Available in round or linear.

Independent Spas operate on their own filtration and heating system. Requires separate chemical maintenance from pool. Usable year round.

Spillover Spas operate by sharing the pools filtration and heating system. No extra chemical maintenance required. Spa must be winterized with pool.