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Pool and Spa Chemicals

Jameson: top pool chemicals store in Mississauga

Having a home pool or spa can mean a great deal of fun, freedom and relaxation, but cleaning and maintaining it can be time-consuming and overwhelming. At Jameson Pool & Spa, our pro team can analyze your pool water and tell you how effective your sanitation system is. We also offer tips on how to resolve any issues your system may have, so come on down for a free water test at our Pool Lab. We carry everything you need to keep your pool water safe and clean in-store, from chemicals to equipment, and are proud to offer products by industry leader Sani-Marc.

pool chemicals store mississauga

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    Sani Marc: the experts in pool & spa water solutions

    At Jameson Pool & Spa, we’re pleased to provide premium Sani Marc products to our customers, including: sanitizers, shocks, balancers, algae prevention & solutions, staining prevention & solutions, phosphate removers, salt maintenance, water clarity & solutions, pool care systems, cleaning solutions, eco-friendly care & solutions, pool closing solutions, and lots more! Know exactly what you want? Let us help you find it.

    Get in touch today for a clean, well-run pool

    At Jameson Pool & Spa, well-maintained, efficient running pools are our labour of love. Attention to detail is our forte. With our team of knowledgeable experts on your side, you can keep enjoying your hard-earned poolside, worry-free. Need recommendations to get your pool up and running fast? We have you covered. Give us a call or drop by our pool chemicals store in Mississauga for a visit, and we will get you fixed up as quickly and painlessly as possible!

    Pool Chemicals

    We are pleased to present products by Sani-Marc. Follow these links for more information on Sani-Marc products and Sani-Marc advice.

    Water Testing Lab

    Come in for a free water test at our Pool Lab. We analyse your pool water and inform you on the effectiveness of your sanitation system settings, and offer tips and tricks to resolve any issues you may have. We carry everything you need, from chemicals to equipment, to keep your pool water silky soft and smooth.

    A sample of water testing results