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Pool Structures

The quality structures of a Jameson Pool

Pool Walls

Our galvanized pool walls are pre-shaped at the factory to allow for custom design and ensure the most accurate pool shape possible, each and every time. The dual 90 degree folds for the top and bottom rails and the double “L” wall brace system are similar to angle iron, with the ability to resist deformation when a load is applied by ground pressure, water pressure and frost. The compression locking system is superior to the welded system as it does not destroy the integrity of the galvanized coating.

Concrete Decks are poured on a gravel base and embeds the top of the pool wall for increased deck support and pool wall support. The deck is supported by steel braces around the pool perimeter. The concrete is reinforced to increase the tensile strength and reduce shrinkage cracks with steel rebar and fibre mesh. Finished decks are poured using 32mpa concrete mix with air entrainment.


Gunite Pool bottom

The pool walls are concreted in place using Gunite concrete mix. The two stage gunite pool bottom is a dense, small aggregate concrete mix that is pneumatically applied, or sprayed, at high velocity against the surface. The force of the impact compacts the concrete to such an extent that there is zero slump. As a result, sprayed concrete significantly outperforms traditional concrete both in strength, bond and durability.


Pool lines are PVC and have a life expectancy of 100 years or more. They are encased in the concrete footing and all lines are pressure tested. Most pool sizes are installed with one skimmer, 3- 4 returns and main drains on 6′ or greater depth pools for better circulation of deep end water.


Our pools are backfilled with clear gravel which allows ground water to flow to the dry well also known as a sump well. A pump included with the pool will remove the water when needed.

  1. PCV plumbing embedded in the concrete
  2. Concrete bond beam
  3. Concrete floor
  4. Deck supported by steel braces around the pool perimeter
  5. Full gravel backfill with french drain and pump
  6. The strength of the concrete 32 mpa air entrained
  7. Re-rod bar reinforced concrete deck
  8. 5″ top rail and bottom rail
  9. Two track coping