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Pool Budget

Current Pool Costs, with almost every top option

Pool, 16 x 32 pool with Custom in Pool Steps, Variable Speed Pump, Filter, Gas heater, Salt Water, Automation, Safety Cover, Lights, Electronic Robotic Pool Cleaner
* Includes Plan, Permit Application, Showroom meetings for product choices
300 sq.ft. of concrete deck   4,800.00
Gas hook up, pool heater located at side of house near meter, 10’ pipe   1,500.00
Electrical hook up to pool system, beside house assume 10’ run   2,800.00
Remove damaged sod and replace (800 sq.ft. @ $4.00/sq.ft.)   4,000.00
Fence repair (4 sections removed for access and reinstalled)   1000.00
Permit fees (varies by city and scale of job) Using $800 for this example (ranges from $400 to $3,000)   800.00
Pool Subtotal   $78,400.00

Common Project Upgrade Costs

Upgrade to 800 sq.ft. of popular interlocking stone including bullnose brick coping, includes cuts and waste   $20,800.00
Cabana ($3,000 to $40,000 for outdoor living room; assume kit Cabana such as Durashed) and concrete Pad   7,000.00
Waterfall ($3,800 to $9,000; assume most popular)   4,000.00
New fence (100′ pressure treated 6′, varies on style and post)   Market Rate
Upgrades Subtotal   $31,800.00
Project Costs Before Tax   $110,200.00

Pool ownership is now easier than ever!

Common Construction Concerns


Permits and before we Build

Obtaining building permits has become the most frustrating time delay in being able to start a Pool project. Many municipalities are taking 4 to 10 weeks to issue a permit. There are many department the permit goes through in some cities. Your cooperation in giving us the information as soon as possible to apply is required. We will do the leg work but we need a survey, cheques payable to the city and signed forms. We will give you clear instructions on these matters. Site preparation such as tree removal, patio removal, bush removal, etc and Protection for driveways or walkways if our machines are driving on them can add Thousands to the cost of project. Very few yards are a blank slate.

Gas and Electrical Connections

We arrange and schedule licensed tradespeople to handle these tasks. There are municipal regulations for placement of pool equipment. When the pool equipment requires underground lines the costs go up. The gas quote is does not include venting costs if heater going in a shed. There are regulations as to placement of the heater as well. Electrical hook up is regulated by the ESA and an electrical permit is taken out as part of the cost. Power for cabanas and outdoor kitchens can be quoted as well.

Access for Construction

Many projects require using a neighbor’s property in order to gain access. It is very important to talk to them prior to booking a project. A typical job can mean a minimum of 500 passes for a machine over the access route in various weather conditions. Considerations that can push up the project costs significantly are: the size of machines that can be brought in, tree/garden damage or removal, a/c unit or gas meter removal, steel plate protection for patios, damage to driveway and patios, damage to sprinklers, fence removal, and anything else that might get in the way or be traversed frequently during construction.

Length of Construction

This is usually the first question asked after we start digging. The typical pool is built in 3 to 5 business days. The landscaping and patios can take from one week to many weeks depending on the scale of the project. The average pool landscape project takes just 2 to 3 weeks before we are ready to fill your new pool! We can’t fill the pool with water until the fence passes city inspection.

Guidelines above are based on standard costs effective Spring 2020, subject to change


Pool and Associated Costs Overview

The best way to find out what may be possible to build in your yard and what it may cost is to have us visit. We have found, however, that many of our customers benefit from having realistic expectations before we arrive. The following outlines some basics that will help you create a wish list and prepare for budgeting before we meet.

The Pool

Naturally, the first cost we should outline is that of the Pool itself!

A 16′ x 32′ pool with many upgraded options (gas heater, lights, salt water) costs approximately $63,500 plus tax.

The shape does not generally affect the price. The size of the pool can affect the price by approximately $900 per foot of length or width as a general rule. Jameson pools are built using the highest quality materials and techniques. Pool Equipment and convenience options can impact the price of a pool by $7,000 less to $15,000 more.

The Patio

Just as important as the size of the patio is the material selection when it comes to cost. The minimum patio area associated with a pool is 275 sq.ft., and the average project we design has 800 sq.ft.. It is not uncommon for larger projects to have 1,200 sq.ft. or more! We also can do the traditional 3’ walkway for those who already have enough patios.

Concrete materials range in price from $14 to $29 per sq.ft., with brushed concrete priced at the lower end of the range and patterned concrete options priced toward the upper end.

Typical patios of popular interlocking stone cost from $26.00 per sq.ft., though differing product choices can result in a range anywhere from $26 to $30 per sq.ft. and beyond.

Natural stone ranges from $35 to $125 per sq.ft. When using stone products around the pool perimeter, a concrete subdeck is often required which is not included with stone installation prices.

Patio coping (the material choice at the edge of the pool) will affect the price as well.

There are many other considerations for backyard projects such as retaining walls and steps for elevation changes, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, outdoor washrooms, pergolas, privacy screens, sprinklers, garden lighting, wood decks and plants to soften and complete the look.