Pool Design

Our landscaping design team will help you create your backyard oasis

Patio furniture, landscaping, decks. Design your dream.

Our experienced design team will take your ideas and develop an approved plan, customized to fit your yard to help you to visualize, and for us to work from.


Our liners are made in modern Canadian state of the art manufacturing facilities. The liner is computer designed, assuring a secure fit for today’s complex pool shapes. All liners are treated to resist bacteria, fungus, and ultraviolet rays (photo images may alter liner colors). All liners are available with or without border patterns.* Please visit our huge selection of vinyl samples in our showroom.

*Some seams may be visible.

Light Coloured Liners

Patterns printed on white vinyl make water look aqua blue during day and maximizes pool light illumination at night. Many more selections on display in our showroom.

Dark Coloured Liners

Patterns printed on blue vinyl give a deeper visual effect during the day, but reduces pool light illumination.

Liner Borders

All liners are available with or without border patterns. Visit our showroom to view actual border samples.

Which color and style do you prefer? Many more to choose from on display now in our showroom.

Pool Shapes

Traditional sizes:

10’X20, 12’X24, 14’X28′, 15’X30′, 16’X32′, 17’X34′, 18’X36′, 20’X40′