Pool Openings

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Please remember we are a seasonal business and Spring is peak season. Our ability to make repairs is 3 to 5 days at this time of year. Therefore we advise that you open the pool TWO Weeks prior to planned swimming.

Please fill in our form and one of our service staff will contact you to confirm booking.

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IMPORTANT: Start Your Season Right by Adding Your Chemical Opening Kit!
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1. Opening Week Preference:

A $25.00 discount applies to your next full closing when you do a full opening with us in the same year.

2. Type of opening:
Pump water off cover    
Remove and bag cover debris
Hose off/remove/clean & deodorize cover
Hose off perimeter deck
Clean liner at water line
Install ladder
Shock pool water
Re-install pool fittings
De-winterize filter system
Start up pool filtration system

>> Our pool opening technicians are not gas licensed and therefore cannot legally turn on the gas to your heater. See our new Heater Service option below.

>> The salt generator will be powered on at your opening, but please note it will not start generating until the pool temperature reaches at least 65 degrees.
Additional Features / Services HST will be added to all prices
Pool vacuum at opening* $85.00
Heater servicing** $159.00
Spillover spa (with or without additional pump) $110.00
Additional cover (clip in / safety / leaf net, etc.) $75.00
Water falls $20.00
Deck jets $20.00
Additional deck jet/water fall pump $10.00
Solar systems $40.00

*Up to 1/2 hour. Pricing is based on light to medium debris in pool. Heavy debris will carry additional charges. Return visits will be charged extra.

**We recommend an annual maintenance on your pool heater, not only to clean out winter debris, but to get the best performance from your heater. PLEASE NOTE: your heater will be maintained and cleaned approximately 7 days after your pool opening.

>> We cannot legally install or remove diving board bases from the pool unless the customer can produce paper work from the manufacturer documenting that the board is certified for the specs of the pool. Only the manufacturer can certify the board for the pool. This is a particular concern for pools built prior to 2000. However, the base can be wrapped at your closing.

3. Tell Us About Your Pool:

Pool type: Inground   Above ground   Separate Spa      
Do you have: Water falls   Deck Jets   Other Water Features
  Attached spa   Solar system   Automatic valves
  P4   PS4   PS8   Salt system
Winter cover type: Water bag   Clip in   Safety   Leaf net

Where are equipment and parts stored?

Is the entrance to the backyard locked? Where can we obtain either a key or the combination?

Other comments:

4. Customer Contact information

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Address:     Business Phone:  
City:     Cell Phone:  
Major Intersection:     E-mail:  

5. Payment information Security info

Bookings are done on a pre-paid basis. Your credit card will be charged upon confirmation of your service date.

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I have read, understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions:


Terms & Conditions

Pool opening does not include the following:

  1. Activating heater pilots, servicing gas lines, etc.
  2. Filling pool to proper operational level
  3. Repairs to pool and equipment requires separate service call
  4. Start up salt generators
  5. Putting in automated pool cleaner
  6. Vacuuming pool

Please ensure:

  1. Pool & pool equipment are easily accessible and not obstructed (i.e. patio furnitures/gardening tools etc)
  2. Electrical power is on the pool equipment (if you have a PS system, make sure pump is not running once you turn your breaker on)
  3. Water supply is on and garden hose is connected to outdoor tap
  4. Sump well has been drained just before we get there

Additional costs:

To avoid extra charges, please remove excessive leaves/debris from the cover

  • Above ground: $230.00 & up (depending on size & difficulty)
  • Solar systems: $40.00 each
  • Water falls: $20.00 each
  • Deck Jets: $20.00
  • Attached Spa: $110.00
  • Separate Spa: $170.00
  • (Tax and parts not included)

Additional costs if you have more than one cover:

  • Leaf net: $50.00
  • Both Safety cover & Clip-in: $50.00

Replacement liners

Liners take 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture and install. Summer is fast approaching - don't let it go by waiting for a liner to be made. ORDER IT NOW! Replace your liner if it is leaking so no structural damage can occur.