Pool Equipment & Covers

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Safety Covers

Available in Green mesh, Blue mesh, Black mesh, Tan mesh, Grey mesh. Safety covers prevent debris and fine particles from entering your pool, while water drains into the pool, reducing stresses from snow and heavy rain. Yard Guard™ offers a complete range of attractive colors, each utilizing the latest high-strength materials and manufactured to ensure long-term reliability. Our covers are designed to beautifully protect for years to come.

Solar Blankets

HPI Clear Solar blanket magnifies and radiates more of the sun’s rays into the pool water increasing the water temperature. Also in evenings when temperature is cooler the solar blanket helps prevent the evaporation of water and heat loss.

Clip in Beaded Winter Covers

The Polyweave cover fastens into the dualtrack coping, eliminating messy looking water bags around the pool. Catches snow, dirt and debris before it can contact the pool water all winter long.

Coverstar™ Auto Covers

Coverstar™ Auto Covers give you the protection offered by winter safety covers all year round. Protect your pool from dirt, debris, evaporation and chemical loss, while keeping your pets and loved ones safe.

Jameson Pool equipment options powered by Hayward

Hayward® underwater light

The Hayward® low voltage incandescent white pool light system is standard for all Jameson Pools (available in single or dual).

LED Colorlogic®

Set the mood and light up the night with the most advanced, long lasting LEDs available in the industry. With a simple push of a button, you can bathe your pool in either fixed colors, or a dazzling light show with the widest spectrum of color choices.

Automated salt chlorination

Say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin and heavy chemical odours. Turbo cell® is the simple, safe and affordable approach to sanitize pools. It automatically turns small amounts of ordinary salt into a regenerating supply of fresh, pure chlorine, automatically. This will make your water feel luxuriously soft and silky.

Navigator® Pro automatic suction cleaner

Powered by existing pool filtration, Navigator® pro is simple to install, easy to use, and is silent running.

AquaVac® robotic pool cleaner

The Hayward® AquaVac® is the most advanced portable pool cleaner available. AquaVac® runs independently of the pool, with an on-board pump to suck up dirt, holding it in debris compartment all while you relax! Clean and rinse debris compartment as needed.

Universal H-Series® Forced Draft pool heaters

The H-Series® heaters offers the very latest in heating technology, the Cupro Nickel heat exchanger delivers state-of-the-industry performance, outstanding energy efficiency and extremely low NOx emissions. Ideal for today’s salt based pools.

The new wave of plumbing a pool

Jameson is plumbing pools with 2″ suction lines which allows more water flow and less electricity to run your pump.

TriStar® pump

Our standard pool pump is the new improved TriStar® single speed pump. It delivers superior flow due to it’s energy efficient hydraulics, pumping 70GPM with 60′ of head.

EcoStar® pump

This quiet running ‘any speed’ variable pump replaces the need for multiple pumps to run water feature combinations. Capable of pumping 135 GPM with 60′ of head, EcoStar® is the ideal choice for energy savings.

Cartridge Filters

For extra long filter cycles, up to an entire season without cleaning, choose Haywards® Swimclear® large capacity cartridge filter. No backwashing required.

HeatPro® in-ground heat pump

Quietly and economically maintain your ideal water temperature throughout the season. Using ambient air, HeatPro® warms your pools water with less energy then natural gas heaters.

Sand Filter

Sand is the oldest and most popular method of filtration. They operate on the basis of “depth” filtration where dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in the spaces between the sand particles. Cleaning of the media, or sand bed, is accomplished through reversing the flow through the filter, to the “waste” line. This is known as backwashing.

Goldline® ProLogic®

Manage all your pool functions, as well as other backyard features effortlessly with the ProLogic® pool management system. You can program and control your pool while relaxing anywhere with our optional remote control – indoors, poolside or in the water with the waterproof Aqua Pod®. For even more control, the optional Sense and Dispense® continuously monitors and adjusts pH and chlorine levels to maximize water quality for you and your pools equipment.

Why does Jameson pool use the Totally Hayward Energy Solution system?

Hayward has been making pool equipment since 1923 and it’s a Canadian headquarters is located in Oakville, Ontario. Hayward equipment is state of the art making pool ownership simple and fun with its high quality products engineered to work together to keep your pool at its best. One component cannot overwork another, so pools sparkle sooner and energy goes farther, which helps extend the life of each product. Hayward offers an exclusive bumper to bumper extended warranty when the Totally Hayward system™ is installed. Visit their website www.haywardcanada.com
to get more specific technical information.